From the desk of Principal

The strength and glory of a nation depends on the sum total of the character of each individual. If the Student are strong and dynamic, the country will be powerful.

Character is the inner base on which an individual builds his / her personality. It is more precious then health or wealth. When there is righteousness in the HEART, there is a beauty in the character.

Character includes four aspects physical, intellectual, more and spiritual. Out of these, morality is very important.

Morality is a small word, But its scope of meaning is extremely vast. It is only when morality develops in man, that every home. every nation, the entire world will enjoy peace, harmony and prosperity.

It is the moral strength that enable us to cultivate divine qualities in our personality. Neither mere physical development nor intellectual development can achieve this. Morality alone can do this miracle.

It is the demand of Nation – to crush terrorism, from the world We need today’s youth with morality. Again we need Swami Vivekananda from our youth to save humanity. Nation is none else then the “Youth” who can either lead the country to the highest achievements or can drag it into the hellish valleys of destruction. So, the acts of our youth are the mirror of nation’s characteristics.

Thus, I appeal all the “YOUTHS” to collect their energies to develop their nation.

Mrs. Meenakshi Bhardwaj
The I/C Principal
SVEM School – English Medium